There are three types of magic in the B.I.B.L.E. universe; divine, neutral and nether magic.

Divine magic is the magic of God the virtues and heaven. It’s the thing that make heaven go round and let healer angels heal. This magic is not accessible outside heaven unless you have a halo.

Neutral magic is an energy of the mortal worlds that is all around us and within everything. Everything in existence contains this energy; living creatures, plants, metal, water and rocks a like, yes even the air or the empty universe, literally everything. If a creature or item for one reason or another should let out some of this energy, lets say by making a ball of fire, it will slowly regain the lost energy from its surroundings. A creature can regain neutral magic faster by absorbing the energy of other things. So if you are low on neutral magic, eating and drinking will help you recover faster.

Nether magic is what sins and hell is made of and runs on. While the other magics are inaccessible unless you are an angel, or only can be recovered slowly, nether magic comes in endless supplies. Sadly it also comes with side effects like mutation and loss of sanity, and that’s just the effects you would feel personally. Unlike heaven, hell is more than willing to share its magic with everyone. It will often lend nether magic to you even if you didn’t ask for it. Such instances could be if you ran out of neutral magic, yet continued to fire off your fireballs. If that was the case you would switch to use nether magic, often without knowing so.

Neutral and nether magic are both banned for use by heaven. Neutral magic as such poses no harm to the user, however as one rarely knows when they run out of this energy source and start using nether magic instead, it was decided that it would be safest to ban both.

The ways of using magic is put into four different categories:

Elemental magic: This contains anything that manipulates the elements of the world such as fire, earth and water.

Physical magic: This category has to do with any kind of body modification magic, like boosting your strength or the ability to transform your body with magic.

Psychic magic: This is all about changing how others perceive or interact with the world, by using illusions, possessions and such things.

Special magic: Race or angel specific magics like the angels’ powers to heal or humans’ ability to create living things.